Mr. P’s Pizza and Sports Grill

If you’re looking for a sports bar in Le Mars, look no further than Mr. P’s.  TV’s, pizza, wings, and a full bar, you can’t ask for more.

Most folks go to Mr P’s for their pizza and wings, and that is my recommendation as well.  They do some different stuff when it comes to wing sauces and pizza toppings, but I really think their basic stuff is great.  If that’s not your thing, they serve a variety of sandwiches and burgers for you.

Mr P’s does a buffet on Fridays over the lunch hour that is great if you want to check them out and see what they have.  They also have wall to wall TVs, so it’s a great place to catch a game with friends.

You can check out Mr P’s on their website for a menu listing, or check them out on Facebook.

Grading scale: Variety = A; Pizza = B+; Wings = B+; Atmosphere = A-; Overall = A-

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Miles Inn

Miles Inn is the perfect example of the old saying, “Do one thing, and do it well.”  If you live in Sioux City, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Miles Inn and their famous “Charlie Boy” sandwiches, paired with an ice cold schooner.

Miles Inn only serves two food options: Charlie Boy’s, and Charlie Boy nachos.  Charlie Boy’s are kind of like a tavern (if you’re from Iowa and know what that word means) but they aren’t saucy and they don’t fall apart like a loose meat sandwich.  They have a distinctly pepper taste, and when you order it with everything it comes with ketchup, mustard, onion, pickles, and a slice of cheese (I recommend getting it this way).  Most folks recommend getting a Charlie Boy with an ice cold schooner of beer, which is a huge frozen goblet.  You’ll be impressed.

Miles isn’t out to impress you with decor, ambiance, or anything fancy, but it is a good place to catch a game with friends, if you can find a seat.  I’d be surprised if more than 50 people could fit into the entire place.  They have a full bar, so if you’re not the beer drinking type you can still get a drink.  You can also order Charlie Boy meat for parties if you like.  One important thing worth noting is you’ll need cash, or use the ATM in the bar.

You can check out Miles Inn on Facebook here.  They don’t have a website (why would they?) so you’ll just have to stop in and check them out.

Grading scale: Parking = A; Charlie Boy’s = A; Seating area = D; Atmosphere = C; Overall = B

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4 Brothers Bar and Grill

If you’re in the Le Mars area and are looking for a bite to eat at something more upscale then the neighborhood bar, you should check out 4 Brothers.  While 4 Brothers could be considered a sports bar, there is a nice, quiet seating area away from the bar for a great date night out.

4 Brothers serves your typical American food: steaks, burgers, sandwiches, etc, but also has enough diversity to please most any patron.  Service usually is polite and reasonably quick, and the things they serve are of good quality.  They have a really nice lunch menu, especially if you are the soup and sandwich type, as they are known for their French onion soup.

I personally recommend their cranberry turkey wrap and turkey club sandwich if you’re in for lunch.  Otherwise, make sure to check out their pretzel burger or chicken sandwich.  The pretzel bun is really, really good.  They have a Tuesday night burger night that is a good deal, but it can get really busy.  4 Brothers is definitely worth checking out if you’re in Le Mars.

You can check out 4 Brothers on their website, or catch them on Facebook.  While they aren’t very active on social media, their site lists hours of operation, menu items, and weekly specials.

Grading scale:  Atmosphere = A; Variety = B+; Food = B+; Service = B+; Overall = A-

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Trattoria Fresco

If you love Italian food, there’s a new restaurant you should check out in downtown Sioux City.  Trattoria Fresco was originally in South Sioux City, but recently has made the move across the river.  A nice ambiance complements a great menu and is well worth a trip.

Trattoria Fresco is definitely an authentic Italian restaurant.  It has a great atmosphere that feels more like fine dining, but definitely isn’t the type of place where you’d be looked down on if you showed up in casual clothes.  They have a nice sized seating area, which isn’t big, but isn’t crowded either.  The staff was very friendly and was efficient for a busy Saturday night.

My wife and I ordered the Fried (coconut) Shrimp for an appetizer and the Chicken Marsala for the entree.  Both were excellent.  The shrimp was just the right amount of sweet and crunch, and the serving sauce was surprisingly good.  The Chicken Marsala was incredibly tender and the sauce was perfect.  The veggies were great as well, with lots of mushrooms. (always a plus!)

Trattoria Fresco has a website here, and a sporadically updated Facebook page here.  Both places have pictures of their menu options.  Parking out front on the street can be hard to come by, but if you park in the parking ramp it is very easy to get there.  There isn’t an extensive wine list, but you should be able to find something great to match your meal.  They also offer a full bar if that’s your thing as well.  Try them out, I think you’ll like it!

Grading scale: Atmosphere = A; Food = A; Parking = A; Variety = A; Overall = A

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Opa Time

Opa Time is a little burger/Greek shop on the corner of Hamilton Blvd and 22nd.  They don’t just serve burgers and gyros, they also offer Philly steak sandwiches, chicken strips, hot dogs, and baklava.  You could probably classify it as a dive, but it isn’t dirty, it’s just small.

I guess you could go here to get a burger, but why would you when you can get a gyro?!?!  I ordered a gyro and a piece of baklava.  The gyro was a little greasy, but not terrible.  The pita bread was nice, and the onions and tomatoes were crisp (though I definitely prefer Roma tomatoes than the ones on this gyro).  The tzatziki sauce was alright, and the meat wasn’t too fatty.   If you haven’t ever had baklava, I’m guessing the only way you wouldn’t like it is if you didn’t have taste buds.  Seriously though, baklava is a dessert with countless layers of phyllo dough, honey, and nuts (often pistachios).

Opa Time has a drive up window for those on the go, and a diverse enough menu to take the family along.  There isn’t much seating available, so it might be hard to get a seat during busy times.  If you are looking for a quick bite and don’t need any ambiance whatsoever, you should give this place a shot.  Nothing fancy, but not bad either.

Opa Time doesn’t have a website, but they do have a (not updated) Facebook page.

Grading scale: Food = B; Variety = B; Baklava = A-; Seating = D; Overall = B

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Red Bones Cafe

Are you in the mood for soul food?  If so, you’ll need to check out this little gem on West 7th St.  Red Bones Cafe is relatively new to Sioux City, but is serving up great food like a well established restaurant.

Red Bones Cafe is your typical hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop style diner.  They serve southern style, soul food.  They also serve your typical hamburgers and fries, but don’t go that route when you can get things like smoked sausage, southern fried chicken, and pork chops (just to name a few).

For my visit, I was able to check out their “all you can eat” Sunday lunch buffet.  While I usually am not one to eat a lot, I made sure to try just about everything.  The fried chicken was good, but the sides were fantastic.  I really liked the potato salad, red beans and rice, baked beans, candied sweet potatoes, and corn bread (man, do I like their cornbread). They also have sweet tea, which is highly recommended.  Since we were the first ones there, I also got to meet the staff, and they were very friendly and appreciative of the business.

You can check out Red Bones Cafe on their Facebook page.  I couldn’t find a website, but their Facebook page does show a menu, pricing, and open hours.  I highly recommend checking this place out, especially if you can make it for the Sunday buffet.

Grading scale: Food = A; Variety = A; Atmosphere = B; Service = A; Overall = A

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Jose’s Family Restaurant

Jose’s Family Restaurant is a quiet, friendly restaurant that is often overlooked due to it’s proximity to the ever famous La Juanita’s.  But when it comes to the food, they definitely aren’t second rate!  Located on the corner of Pierce and 14th St, stop on in for some great, authentic Mexican food.

Jose’s looks like a dive from the outside, but once inside it reminds you of a small town hole-in-the-wall cafe.  Seating is limited to a dozen tables and booths, but isn’t cramped or dirty.  Immediately upon sitting down, a nice young man brought over chips and salsa and the waitress was right there to take my order.

I got a chicken taco, a carne asada (steak) burrito, and a horchata to wash it down.  The house salsa was good, and the house hot sauce was fantastic.  It had a surprising kick, but great flavor too.  The taco was pretty good, but the burrito was awesome, filled with rice, refried beans, and good quality steak (not fatty).  And the horchata was the perfect thing to wash it down with.  They have a lot more to offer on the menu as well, not being limited to just tacos and burritos.  Check out their combo specials too.

Jose’s has plenty of room for parking, and gets bonus points as they accept credit/debit cards.  They don’t have a website, Facebook page, and just got on Urbanspoon, but don’t let that stop you!  I’d definitely recommend Jose’s for a great meal, and more casual atmosphere than La Jua’s.

Grading scale: Tacos = B+; Burritos = A+; Variety = A; Atmosphere = B; Overall = A

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